A Matter of Heart By Tracie Peterson


A matter of heart

I have been a fan of Tracie Peterson for a long time.  Her series New Mexico Sunrise and New Mexico Sunset were the first books I have read by her and I loved them.  The moment I picked up A Matter of Heart I knew I was going to love it as well.  Peterson has a way of drawing you in, and causing you to love her characters. She helped me identify with the characters by causing me to see myself in them.  A Matter of Heart is the third book in the Lonestar Brides Series.  Sensible Arrangement is book number one and A Moment in Time is book number two.  After reading this book I would love to read the first two in the series, but it wasn’t necessary to enjoy the story.

Jessica has lived a spoiled life.  She has gotten everything her heart has desired, except for a husband.  Jessica was always the most beautiful and doesn’t understand why everyone is married but her, and doesn’t like the looks of pity she receives from those that are married.  When Robert the man she was supposed to marry has a baby with his new wife Jessica takes a hard look at herself.  Can she become a better, less self-centered person?  When she meets Harrison a young lawyer she wonders if she has finally met her match.  But she is also getting to know Austin Todd, a Texas Ranger cattle inspector.  She is attracted to both men, but which one will she choose?  And who does God want her with?

Austin Todd is a man of many secrets.  Fairly new to town he doesn’t really want anyone to know of his past.  He would rather not think about it, even though it haunts him everyday.  He is no stranger to loss and tragedy.  Ever since meeting Jessica he’s felt drawn to her, but doesn’t want to risk love again.  When he is brought in on the past of some of his neighbors, he can’t resist helping them, even if it’s close to the life he left behind.  Can Austin forgive himself for the past and grab hold of his future?  Will he be able to help his neighbors and be the man God has called him to be?

This book is full of twists and turns you don’t see coming.  And kept me wondering what was going to happen next.  A great romance with danger, mystery, and suspense mixed in.  I was given a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own.


The Brickmaker’s Bride by Judith Miller


Brickmakers bride

The Brickmaker’s Bride is the second book I have read by Judith Miller.  The first book I read by her was The Carousal Painter.  I must say I really enjoyed both books.  Miller has a great style, and makes you love the characters.  One thing I really enjoyed about this book was that all of her characters weren’t perfect, or even necessarily like-able.   Having characters like that in a book makes it seem like it could’ve actually happened.  There were people that were prejudice against others just because of where they were from, and people that acted as if they were the most important person in the world.  Both of which are still around in the world we live in today.  You can also tell that Miller did her research on the brick making process, she was very descriptive, but not so much that it was boring.  She had me wanting to see if I could find pictures on Google of what the different machines looked like.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction and escaping to another place and time.

Laura Woodfield had lost her father in the Civil War, and has missed him ever since.  Ever since she was little one of her favorite places to be was with her father at his brickyard.  As she grew older she learned more and started helping her father keep the books and time cards for his employees.  But that is all behind her now.  The brickyard is for sale and she and her mother’s lawyer Winston are hoping that the Irishmen they are meeting will purchase it.  Eventually after considering it they decide to buy the brickyard.   Laura is being courted by Winston, but as she is helping Ewan learn the books, she sees what an amazing man he is.  And that his faith is strong.  Can Laura keep letting Winston court her even though she sees things in him she doesn’t like?  Can she let her mother down, and add the stress of having a daughter that might end up a spinster?

Ewan McKay came to America with his Uncle Hugh, Aunt Margaret, and her sister Kathleen.  His Uncle Hugh told Ewan that he would bring over his sisters and make him partner in the brickyard when they started making profit.  Hugh isn’t making it easy by taking out loans from the bank and signing a contract that wasn’t good for them in anyway.  But when Hugh gets an idea in his head there isn’t much Ewan can do about it.  Ewan’s Aunt Margaret is demanding and very hard to live with.  She is barely ever in a good mood and takes it out on everyone around her.  She demands a mansion and doesn’t care if she takes workers away from the brick yard in order to get it.  When a mistake happens at the brick yard Ewan turns to Laura to get her advise.  Can they figure out a way to save the brick yard?  Will Ewan follow his heart and tell Laura how he feels?

I was given a copy of this book by Bethany House Publishers for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own.

The Promise Box By: Tricia Goyer


The Promise Box

I have never read a book by Tricia Goyer, but have been a fan of her as a person.  When I received The Promise Box I couldn’t wait to dig in.  I had high hopes when I started her book and she did not let me down.  The Promise Box is full of God’s promises to His children.  I love reading a book and having God’s Word mixed in.  I found myself re-reading the scriptures hoping they would sink in.  The two main characters were far from perfect, which only caused me to love them more.  This book is a reminder that God loves us and has a plan for our lives.  He takes the bad and makes it good.  In this book Lydia and Gideon both struggle with their past, and with wondering why God let certain things happen.

Lydia was raised Amish, but moved away after her mother revealed the story of her birth.  Although she was living in a big city, Lydia didn’t stray too far from her roots.  Lydia does drive a car, but doesn’t like to use computers.  She has been working as an editor in Seattle.  When the news of her mother’s death arrives Lydia leaves as soon as she can to be with her dad.  What she planned on being a short stay ends up longer when Lydia realizes how much her dad needs her.  Being back in an Amish community makes Lydia realize how much she’s missed the simple life.  And how much she has strayed from her faith.  Lydia enjoys being an editor, but longs to write a book of her own.  Is she meant to return to the Amish?  Is what she is living now the story she is made to tell?  And what of the handsome Amish man Gideon?

Gideon is just in town to find out about his past, and get some hunting in while he is at it.  He is not there to find someone to marry, and especially not if she is a Englisher.  Lydia and Gideon meet in such a funny way, and both are taken by surprise when they feel something for each other.  No matter all the barriers that separate them, they can’t help but be drawn to each other.  Can Gideon find out what his parents aren’t telling him?  And does he really want to?  Will what he finds out cause even more pain then he was expecting, or give him relief?

A great read for anyone who enjoys Historical fiction, or Amish fiction.   I received a copy of this book from Zondervan Publishing Company, in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Love Comes Home By Ann H. Gabhart


Love Comes home

Love Comes Home is the first book I have read by Ann H. Gabhart.  It is the third book in a series called Rosey Corner.  The first book in the series is Angel Sister, and the second is Small Town Girl.  Love Comes Home was based in Rosey Corner, Kentucky, and was a great book!  I obviously haven’t read the first two books in this series, but felt that I didn’t have to in order to understand the story.  Gabhart gives you enough background that you feel as if you know the characters.  Although I definetly wouldn’t mind reading the other two now that I have read this one.  This story followed the Merritt sisters and their husbands as the war ended and the boys were returning home.


I liked how in this book there were already married couples and we got to follow along on their journeys as well.  We got to hear the story from several points of view which made this book really hard to put down.  In this story they all face trials and must cling to their faith and each other to make it through.  I loved hearing about Kate and Jay and how madly in love with each other they were after all this time.  This story inspired me to cling to my husband a little tighter and appreciate the everyday small things.  It gives us a small glimpse at the relationships between veterans and those they left behind.  That when they get back home it’s an adjustment, and it takes time for some to adjust from who they were before to who they are now.  And that those who were left behind need to realize that there are things they’ve seen that we don’t understand, but that we must support them in any way we can.


Kate can’t wait until Jay comes home from the war.  She has a job at the paper, but now that the war is over and the boys are coming home what will her life be like?  She is ready to begin her life with Jay and start the family she has always wanted.  Thinking about Kate and home has kept Jay sane during long nights and crazy days during the war.  Kate’s letters keep him updated on what is going on back in Rosey Corner, the only place that has ever felt like home.  What will life be like when he finally gets back there?  What do they know about being a married couple?  And what kind of dad would he be since he didn’t have a great one himself?  Will Rosey Corner be as great as he’s been picturing all these years?  


Evangeline’s husband Mike was the first to return from the war.  Mike was much skinnier than he was before, and by looking at his face you could tell the war hadn’t been kind to him.  But being back in Evie’s arms brought a huge smile to his face.  Evie took a week off of work to spend with Mike, and he couldn’t wait to see family.  Once news spread that Mike was in town everyone started coming by to welcome him back.  Before the war Mike was the pastor in Rosey Corner.  Evie takes it hard when she realizes that Mike isn’t the same as he used to be.  Mike doesn’t know what he wants, and if he can be a preacher again.  Can Mike and Evie love each other through this tough time?  What will they do if Mike doesn’t preach?  


Tori is the only sister who’s husband won’t be returning from the war.  Sammy was killed, and Tori wouldn’t get the happy reunion that her sisters did.  Tori and Sammy had been together forever and it was like he was a part of her.  Could she go on with out him?  Everywhere she went something would remind her of Sammy and something they did together.  But at least she has Samantha.  She was the only one of her sisters to conceive before the boys left for war, so she will always have a part of Sammy with her.  Clay was Sammy’s friend, and has always had feelings for Tori, even way before they were married.  Clay would’ve never wished for something to happen to Sammy so he could pursue his feelings, but he wasn’t in control, and Sammy isn’t coming back.  Clay has been giving Tori space and time to heal, but he is getting impatient.  Will he press too hard and push Tori away forever?  Can Tori see how much Clay cares for her and what an amazing guy he is?  


Love overcomes all.  And when love comes home to Rosey Corner nothing will be the same.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.  I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing Company, in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Nowhere to Turn By Lynette Eason Review


 Nowhere to Turn

 I have read several books by Lynette Eason and have enjoyed every one of them.  Eason is an expert at making you love the characters, and at keeping you on the edge of your seat.  I found myself trying to figure out who the bad guys are and what their motives could be.  It was really hard to put down!  I have not read the first book in this series No One To Trust, but know that I would love it, and I will be trying to get my hands on one soon.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves any type of suspense.  Especially if you are like me, and your favorite is Christian Suspense.


Danielle Harding has been in an abusive relationship for 12 years.  And although she has tried to escape before, her husband Kurt always seems to find out.  Kurt has done horrible things to Danielle and their son Simon, but always gets away with it.  Kurt is an agent in the FBI, so he seems to be above the law.  Danielle knows that if she contacts the police that Kurt’s FBI buddies will show up and take over, so her best choice is to run away without anyone knowing.  The perfect opportunity arises when Kurt has to go out of town for a couple days for work.  The moment he leaves the house Dani puts her plan into action.  Little did she know, the same day she leaves is the same day Kurt is killed.  Believing she is now safe, life becomes more comfortable.  But six months later things begin to change, and out of the blue Dani’s life is threatened.  Dani has no choice but to ask for help from Operation Refuge.


Adam Buchanan is going through some things with his family and just wants his job to keep him busy.  Adam used to be a Marshall, but some things went down and now he feels that working at Operation Refuge is his calling.  When Dani walks in he is immediately drawn to her, and could tell she has been through a lot.  So much so that Adam gets angry hearing about all she has endured.  No matter how hard he tires to keep her and Simon safe someone always ends up finding them.  Can Adam keep them safe and guard his heart at the same time?  How many people are after them?  Will the running ever end?


I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing Company, in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Review for Playing By Heart by Anne Mateer



This is the first time I had heard of Anne Mateer as an author.  The cover of the book caught my attention, and after reading the back cover I could tell that this book was going to be interesting.  Playing By Heart was set during World War I.  It was set in a small town called Dunn, Oklahoma.  I really enjoyed how the book was written from two different points of view, Lula’s and Chet’s.  It was cool getting to see how they thought and what they were feeling in situations.  It was also interesting to see how some people might have dealt with being drafted, while others ran to sign up.  And how those choices affected those they left behind.


Lula Bowman is a very smart woman.  She is the only one in her family that has a college education, and is well on the way to making her dreams come true.  She teaches at a college and has received a scholarship that allows her to continue studying mathematics.  Figuring out a math problem makes her happy, even if she doesn’t have any friends who are interested in the same thing.  Most girls her age only care about meeting their future husband.  But Lula is happy with the way her life is going until she gets a call from her sister Jewel.  Jewel’s husband Davy died and now Jewel needs Lula’s help with her kids.  Lula’s brother’s and other sister feel like she is the only one who can help Jewel, and don’t value her education, or how much time she has spent earning it.  After some convincing Lula decides to stay and help Jewel, but only for a while, and then she will go back to her scholarship and teaching job.  Lula realizes that she must find a job and fast to help her sister’s family stay in their house.  Lula hears about a job available at a school, but it’s not what she wants to teach.


Lula stopped playing music when her mother died.  And being forced to play the piano at church after such a long time isn’t exciting.  But when she learns that there is also a little pay for the church pianist, she decides it’s worth it.  Instead of doing what most women do she decided to follow her fathers dream for her to continue her education.  When the position that is open at school happens to be a music teacher, Lula doesn’t know what to do.  She could teach music, but her heart isn’t in it.  She finally decides to take the job but then learns that there is another duty she must perform as well.  Little did she know it was teaching girls basketball, a sport she had never seen played.


Chet is a math teacher at the same school that Lula starts working at.  He also happens to be the boys basketball coach.    Chet enjoys his job and is very invested in his players schooling.  He will help in any way he can for them to graduate.  Chet can help Lula learn more about the game of basketball, but will she ask?  Chet’s brother got drafted for the war, and in many ways Chet wishes it was him.  Their father shamed their family by running away from base before being deployed, and now one of his boys can make up for it.  Chet’s mother is so proud of her son that is off fighting, and so not happy with Chet for staying behind.  But Chet feels that no matter how much he would like to be the one fighting that his mom needs him home.


Since meeting Lula she is not far from Chet’s thoughts.  He is used to women chasing him, but Lula isn’t like that.  Lula doesn’t want to fall for a guy from her hometown when she will just be leaving back to school soon.  Basketball draws them together, but will it be enough?  Music is in Lula’s heart, but is it enough?  Some crazy things happen and it seems like they have lost hope.  But God has a plan for all of His children, a plan for hope, and a future.   A great read for all who love historical romance.  I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.